Siemens Hearing Aids

Siemens Hearing Aids is under the big Siemens Company from Germany. For Siemens Hearing Aids, it has a long history that track back to 1878. Siemens Hearing Aids is known as Siemens Hearing Instruments, they are under the division of Siemens Healthcare which specialise in a large range of healthcare products. Having a long history, Siemens Hearing Aids continues to invest in hearing aids technologies to be one of the leaders in this field and this is still going on today.

Siemens Hearing Aids provides a wide range of hearing aids for ITE, BTE and CIC types. For know-how about these hearing aids types, you may refer to Hearing Aid Ratings.

They have a wide range of hearing aids models namely Siemens Life, Siemens Explorer, Siemens Artis 2, Siemens Intuis, Siemens Motion, Siemens Pure, Siemens Phoenix and Siemens Nitro. Different models of hearing aids that will cater for different level of hearing needs and different lifestyle of the user.

For this hearing aids brand, price is usually higher to pay for its long history of quality. They often educate their users through seminars and events that is good to keep specialist and users updated about their products and available technologies which might help in their lifestyle.

They have the Siemens BestSound Technology such as FeedbackStopper, SoundLearing and SpeechFocus. The FeedbackStopper is able to minimise feedback sound. SoundLearning is an intelligent capabilities that learns from the users’ usage patterns in different sound environment and automatically adjust itself. This will minimise the manual adjustment by the user when they change environment. SpeechFocus can detect the speech source direction and display this sound information to the user with good quality sound.

Hearing Aids Quality is an important reason for Siemens Hearing Aids to be one of the top 4 brands in the world beside Starkey Hearing Aids, Phonak Hearing Aids and Beltone Hearing Aids.