Beltone Hearing Aids

Beltone Hearing Aids is a US based company that started in 1940. Its one of the main brands of hearing aids in the world. With a long history and experience, Beltone Hearing Aids has produced a wide range of hearing aids for different style and needs.

They also cover the different hearing aids types like CIC, ITC, ITE and BTE. For information about the stated hearing aids types, you may go to About Hearing Aids.

Beltone has more than a thousand location globally that can provide hearing evaluation before jumping in to buy a hearing aid. This evaluation will be done by a hearing specialist and to recommend a proper hearing aid. Furthermore, above purchase of the hearing aids, Beltone has come up with a Thirty Days refund depending on location. Thus you can be assured that this product will not be sold to you unprofessionally. Beside the refund, Beltone has a 1 year warranty and partial lost/damage claimable policy. Details are to be advised. With a high price to pay for a branded hearing aid, it is naturally a requirement for the company to take good care of their customers.

Talking about the wide range of hearing aids, Beltone has the follow list of hearing aids models: Beltone True, Beltone Reach, Beltone Invisa, Beltone Petite Plus, Beltone Opera Plus, Beltone Optima, Beltone One/Mia, Beltone Edge, Beltone Marq, Beltone Touch, Beltone Identity, Beltone Change, Beltone Access and Beltone Turn.

Beltone has some technologies that keep it in the top list. One of which is Spatial Directionality. It can focus the speech sound in the midst of a messy surrounding. Thus hearing from your friend in a shopping mall will be good. Another feature is Feedback Eraser with WhistleStop that takes down painful high pitch sounds. Smart Beam Steering with Automatic Beam Widths is a special capability that auto-track speech sound when noisy and stop it when the noise is not there.

Beltone Hearing Aids can be considered in the top four brands in the world for hearing aids. Other than Beltone are Starkey Hearing Aids, Phonak Hearing Aids and Siemens Hearing Aids.