Audiologist Programme

Audiologist Certification

Audiologist is a specialized job and you must be wondering about the capabilities and training that an audiologist has to undergo through. For a student to go for a BSc (Bachelor of Science) course in audiology, he will need a range of GCSEs (A-C). There are few criteria for these results and they are English, Science and Maths with 3 A levels. For different institution, they have different entry requirements. There are many universities that have Msc (Master of Science) and Postgraduate diploma. These courses usually need a science subject at a degree level requirement. Basically they are need a good science and English background to enter into audiology and biological will be advantage.

Audiologist Education

The audiology BSc will take about Four years to complete. The four years of schooling involves first 2 years to be studying in the university. In the university, the students will need to learn all the science about the body parts, test and equipments used. That is where they get the strong basic fundamentals about the human science. After the 2nd year, they will be placed in an audiology working place where they get to learn from a qualified audiologist. In this part of the year, they get to do the actual practices and get real life exposure about audiology and how to do the procedures and evaluations. This is a good learning ground especially they get to have hands-on and guidance from the experienced audiologist. This learning will be similar to the actual working in the future for them. For the final year, they will return back to their respective university to learn the more advanced audiology and sometimes to finish off a final year project or studies.

Audiologist Registration

Upon finishing the above studies, the students will be able to apply and register with the Registration Council for Clinical Physiologist. The certified Audiologist can proceed to private Audiology Clinic or in Hospital in Audiology Department.

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