Audiologist Scope of Work

Audiologist is a specialist who practices the field of science in hearing. The audiologists have the specialized knowledge on the hearing balance and hearing problems. Their work involves testing of individual human personals on their hearing capabilities. Hearing capabilities involves the ability to hear sound at a normal bandwidth range. Another aspect is the ability to differentiate different sounds. Lastly it involves the ability to hearing different spectrum of sound frequency. Frequencies range comes about from a normal low frequency to a normal high frequency.

Hearing Problems

What kind of hearing problems does an audiologist try to find and solve? Basically these problems are called hearing loss or hearing disorder. What are causes of hearing disorder? Some of the reasons can be due to birth trauma, infections due to viral, genetic problems passed down from the ancestors. Other hearing loss issue can be due to damage when inserting foreign object into the ear canal while cleaning, exposure to loud noise during working at high impact working environment, usage of medication that has side effects to the hearing and lastly due to aging, whereby our human parts wear and degrade over time.

Hearing Treatments

As mentioned above, there are many causes for hearing problems, therefore there are also different damages done on the hearing organ. These problems will require an audiologist to diagnose the actual problems and damage done; from the diagnosis, the audiologist will propose a suitable treatment for this cause. Basic treatments can be just cleaning of the ear canal and treated with solution drops. Some hearing problems due to hearing loss will require the user to use a hearing aid to help in hearing better. Proper training of use of the hearing aid is require as the hearing requirements for individual can varies and also the hearing environments can be complex. Therefore a proper training or a good hearing aid will be a great hearing tool for the user to hearing properly everyday and communicate with ease and efficiently. Another solution will be cochlear implants which are not visible and more complex to do. In worse cases, there are also requirements to do surgery onto the ear too. Different problems calls for different solutions and this requires a proper audiologist to examine and advice.

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