Audiology Clinic

Audiology Clinic

Audiology Clinic is where audiologist does their examination and treatment. It can be found in hospital or private clinic. In this clinic, they work as a specialized area and keep records of their patients. What kind of records do they keep? Audiology clinic will keep patient records like personal data, first examinations and findings, recommendation solutions, their progress and the final discharging of the patients. In this way, it will be take full account of the patient status from starting to the end.

Audiologist Specialization

Audiologist itself is a specialized occupation. There are specialized audiologists who targets at children or elderly people and sometimes special treatment specialization. Children hearing loss and elderly hearing loss are a special group of clients that need special attention and care to serve. There are children who are born with hearing loss and need special care and hearing aids to help them as they grow up. For elder hearing loss, their hearing needs to be tune properly to prevent their hearing degrading and progress need to be monitored closely and treated with proper hearing aids.

Other specialists are major in work related hearing losses. These audiologists have their set of specialized hearing loss treatment that is made to cure their sudden hearing loss and also to protect their hearing depending on the type of working sound environment. Different job might have different types of frequencies sound or impact of sound. Prolong exposure to loud sound can cause hearing loss and this need to be advised or workplace guideline to limit this exposure time. These specialists can also advise companies on the workplace safety and working guidelines to protect their workers from hearing loss dangers. Sometimes they can have hearing programs or checks on their workers to make sure they are all healthy in terms of their hearing.

Some audiologists also do research and development on the hearing solutions. During their findings, they develop new types of hearing aid designs, new tests and even solutions and treatment process. This science is an ever learning field for these specialists to play a part in our daily lives.

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