Beltone Change

Beltone Change

Another hearing aid ratings on Beltone Hearing Aids products. Today i will talk about Beltone Change. Beltone is also an interesting hearing aid that can be hidden in your ear canal. For those who are concern about showing the hearing aid, this is one option that you can consider for yourself. Lets discuss about the features on Beltone Change.

Beltone Change Features

The Beltone change comes in three variants.CIC which is Completely in the canal is one option. It is inserted completely into the canal and is custom made for the user. The best part about this is that it is completely invisible. The receiver in ear or the BTE, behind the ear model sits behind the ear. The RTE model of Beltone change has that the distinction that it is smallest in the world.

If the hearing impairment is too severe then it is better to go for the more powerful behind the ear aid. For CIC type, due to the size, the power might not be sufficient to produce loud sound.

    Combined with all this the Beltone change comes in a number of designs and colors. They also come in variants that go with the color of your skin. The high end features of the device make it so unique among other hearing aids in the market.It has all the Beltone features like the wide dynamic range compression, speech pattern detection, adaptive feedback control, multichannel maximum power output and all those features that are necessary to provide you with the best quality sound that is noise free. All these features to make sure that you hear life even in the noisiest of places.

    The Beltone change automatic compression adaptation which ensures hiccup free transmission from analog to digital. The fixed directionality ensures that the device listens to the sound from is exact location. The device can make out the direction of the conversation and thus align itself to provide with high quality sound.

    With so many hearing aid style available, you are opening to many choices and do check them out.

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