Beltone LINQ


Beltone LINQ

Another great hearing aid ratings on Beltone Hearing Aids. Beltone Linq hopes to deliver hearing asisstance to our hearing loss problems. Sound is very important to link people. It is difficult for a person with hearing impairment to become a normal part of the society. But Beltone is changing the perception and that too fast.

The latest Beltone linq is an amazing product from the Beltone which helps to people to link. The Beltone linq focuses on improved speech understanding so that the people with hearing issues can also connect with normal people. This product is brilliant as far as the technology is concerned and it does not let down on the aesthetic front as well. It comes in various styles and colors.


Hearing Aids Features in Beltone LINQ

Here are some of the amazing features of this device. The high end features make sure you understand even the slightest of sounds like a whisper of a child. It also ensures correct level of amplification because of curvilinearity.

This hearing aid gives you clear ad natural sound because of its nine channels. Nine channels simulates 9 sources of input from different places and this is much better than your home theater system that usually comes in 5 speakers direction only. The Beltone linq allows you to change the type of sound you hear from soft to loud and it ensures that you hear each sound the way it actually is!

Another notable feature of the device is the adaptive directionality which helps cut down unwanted noises. Noise has always been bad for listening when amplified. Beltone Linq comes with features like MPO multichannel maximum power output, AFC that is adaptive feedback control and also speech pattern detection. All these features work towards providing you unmatched Beltone sound quality.


Beltone Touch Recommendation

The 4 environmental programs are tailored according to the need of the user and theĀ  silencer helps to cut down the low level noises. With so many features and the styles to choose from, this hearing aid can fit your hearing requirements easily.

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