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Rexton Arena 1 S BTE Digital Hearing Aid

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Product Description

Rexton Arena 1S BTE Digital Hearing Aid is a full digital or a 100% digital signal processing BTE hearing instrument. Rexton Arena 1S comes with great hearing functions like Microphone Noise Reduction which helps to reduce noise; thus improve hearing experience.

Feedback Cancellation is also a good function that remove feedback noise that can be irritating for the user. Acoustic signal change for program and volume control change helps to adjust the settings. This is useful when you enter different environment. For instance of hearing environment, in a club where sound are very loud, the setting can reduce the volume of the sound so that the amplified sound will be lower. Your friends will tends to shout loud and this loud sound need not have a high volume to listen to.

The Rexton Arena 1S BTE includes two standard trimmers: Low Cut (NH) and Maximum Output (MPO). 1 year warranty. Comes with: FREE case, FREE batteries, FREE cleaning kit, FREE pouch Fitting Recommendation: The Arena 1S BTE is an excellent solution for moderate to severe hearing losses. There are also other Rexton Hearing Aids to look for.


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