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Phonak Hearing aids has come out with this Phonak Cros Hearing Aid that cater for single sided hearing problems. This model is based on the new Phonak Spice Platform and it has a faster processor yet small that comes with many wireless features. This help to bring Phonak to the top few market leaders. For this model, Phonak is loading them with features usually found only in premium hearing hearing aids. With Spice technology inside the Phonak CROS solution, this great hearing aid is able to give the top notch technology and flexibility for people with one single sided hearing issue.

How does this single sided hearing aids works? Since the single side has hearing issue, the design is done so as to bring the sound to the ear that can hear. The receiver is placed on the ear that has hearing issue and any sound received from that side is transmitted wirelessly to the amplifier at the normal hearing ear. Therefore you get to hear sound from both side of your ear. This model comes in two types of hearing aids; the BTE and the ITC types for concealment. For the different types of hearings aids, you can look into About Hearing Aids.

Phonak CROS Review

In terms of features in Phonak Cros, it comes with SoundFlow that can adjust itself automatically in ever changing environments. This is a great function that make allows you not to have the hassle of adjusting the hearing aids everytime you moved to another location. It also comes with alerts in the event of low battery. Therefore you can use it in ease that you no need to worry that the hearing aid batteries are running low anytime of the day. Next important function is Quicksyn which synchronizes volume or program settings with one touch either on the Phonak CROS.

Using Phonak Spice as the new platform, more functions can be squeezed into the hearing aids and make even smaller hearing aids for Phonak customers.

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