Rexton Bridge

Hearing Aid Ratings on a Rexton Hearing Aid; which is Rexton Bridge, This Rexton hearing aid comes in BTE, ITE or Customized type. These are different options of hearing aids wearing types for you to choose from. It is also packed with their latest technology that gives you clear speech, latest quality sound, wireless capabilities and it is rechargeable type.

Rexton Bridge Features

Let’s talk about the wireless capabilities. Rexton Bridge uses Bluetooth wireless connections to link up with your Bluetooth hearing devices like TVs, mobile phones and other devices. There is also the wireless assistant that will maximize the Rexton Bridge sound quality and ease of use.

It automatically adjusts and syncs the sound processing to ensure same quality hearing experience between hearing aids. There is an option of a remote control for ease of use without touching your hearing aid.


Recharging capabilities is an option for you to have a charging unit. It works like charging a mobile phone or drilling machine. Just plug it in for 6 hours and the Rexton Bridge is ready to be used. There is an additional feature in this charging unit that is drying. This drying feature will help to remove the moisture in the Rexton Hearing Aid to maintain the optimal performance and lifespan.


All the good hearing aid comes with this features which is the auto hearing aid adjustment to environment. Rexton Bridge calls this feature as Automatic Environment Management. It will continuously analyze the environment and change the settings accordingly to provide the best hearing experience for the user. The user does not need to keep adjusting the hearing aid settings and this will be very easy to use.


Sound quality is also another concern for users. Rexton Bridge has their Sound Radiance to enhance the hearing experience of music listening. High pitches in the music will not be eliminated as noise and will be projected to the users without missing any details. SoundSmoothing identifies any sudden sound such as explosion, breaking of glass and it immediately reduce this sound to give comfort hearing for the users.


Other features are Multi-Channel Adaptive Directional Microphone; which tells you the direction of the speech where there are few or more people talking. Automatic Noise Reduction System to reduce unnecessary background noise. Feedback Preventer and Adaptive Feedback Cancellation System helps to eliminate uncomfortable noise that can be painful for your ears.


With so many Rexton Hearing Aid Features in this Rexton Bridge, it will be a good choice if you are going for a BTE, ITE or customized hearing aid. Furthermore it is also affordable compared to higher end hearing aids.


Go to Rexton Hearing Aids for more models.

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