Siemens Pure Carat

Siemens Pure Carat Instrument for the hearing impaired made by Siemens has strengthened its range of retail products with a batch  of new releases. Siemens Hearing division once again has offered  new dimensional products tailored to the most demanding environments. Aquaris,the first invention of Siemens made people’s life from the limitations imposed until now wear hearing aids.  Now people can participate in various  types of entertainment such as sailing, swimming, kayaking or gardening without any fear.

Siemens Pure Carat Hearing Aids

Pure Carat – Takes the widely accepted, small RIC (receiver in the canal) to a new level pure. With a rechargeable battery, the higher the stack 13, which provides long-term energy and allows more powerful receivers. New coil AutoPhone  and make phone calls more easily, and a programmable switch for volume control and program selection provides greater ease of use. The result is discretion with life more sustainable, energy options for more severe hearing loss, management and seamless wireless connectivity.

Siemens Pure Carat RIC

Carat Pure is a new addition to the family, only to RIC downloadable tools available on the market today. It includes Siemens best sound for enhanced hearing comfort, even in demanding, noisy environments. The unit offers four-dimensional external receiver, including the High Power version, combined with a minimum size at maximum power. This makes it the ideal choice for people with severe hearing loss have not been able to benefit from the solutions for the RIC.

Siemens Nitro Hearing Aid

The new Nitro 301 SP and 701 SP BTE are designed to provide greater clarity, comfort and control to complete the decibels of life of people with severe hearing loss. Provides up to 141 / 80 dB in broadband and get jack, tools to automatically increase the low-frequency sounds like the word to give voice to better understand and improve the public perception of sound. The new tools Nitro also a smart and automatic volume control and noise reducing properties of additional sounds and reinforce the spoken word. Sophisticated feedback cancellation and directional microphones to give more natural listening experience for the user.

Siemens Minitek

Weighing only 55g, MINITEK allows users to modify programs and adjust the volume as the sound of any Bluetooth Wireless Audio is transmitted directly to the hearing. It offers high sound quality, comfort and convenience, is a natural progression of the Siemens Tek technology has provided since 2008.

Siemens Hearing Aids Statement

“People with a severe hearing loss is often only able to hear sounds in a very limited range, while those with an active lifestyle can be difficult to find an instrument that meets their needs,” said Nicola Webster, director of product retail Siemens hearing aids. “These new instruments offer maximum functionality and ease of use to further emphasize our commitment to meet the needs of our customers.”

Hence a demoralized person, after getting it, have a great inspiration for better life, wants to take breath for few more days. This kind of revolutionary product helps this community to live a hassle free life.

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