News – Starkey AMP wins iF Product Design Award 2011

Starkey AMP has recently win the “iF Product Design Award 2011”.  This design is an important recognition of the effort and design ideas that have make Starkey Hearing Aids – AMP a great design that is relevant to the usage.

iF Product Design Awards was first done way back in 1954 and this is an annual event that is hold by iF international Forum Design. This is like a world wide event evaluating the best designs from all over the world. This event is like Oscar for Design. It will be a great recognition to a product if awarded.

Initially this award was an event for well-designed German Design in Hanover Fair Industrial Trade Exhibition. Mainly to highlight Germans design only. They realized that the importance of good design and this was spread widely after that. As years passed by, more and more designs from different countries took part. By the year of 2002, more than 35 countries have taken part to win this contest. This is not just one award; there are many other awards to show recognition for different categories.

Starkey AMP hearing aid must have a great relevant design that given it the iF label. Design Oscar. This will be a great recognition of the design that will definite weighs a lot than promotion by the word of mouth or mass marketing. Hearing Loss patient can really consider this hearing aids model or benchmark it again other brands design. The Starkey AMP is designed for new users and it has consider that issue that new users are not used to having a hearing aid been exposed. Therefore this model is design to be invisible in most ears yet this design is a lot affordable with great Starkey hearing technologies inside to make it a good hearing product. This is a great product not to be missed. You can easy look out for articles recognition for Starkey’s AMP Wins iF Product Design Award 2011.

If you are considering the top notch brands, the following brands are the best hearing aids: Phonak Hearing Aids, Beltone Hearing Aids, Siemens Hearing Aids and of course Starkey Hearing Aids.

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