Hearing Aid Rating – Siemens Motion

Siemens Motion Hearing Aid gives you two options of wear; motion Behind-The-Ear and Motion In-The-Ear. given two options yet similar good technology, consumers has the freedom to choose between the two styles.
Lets talk about Motion Behind-The-Ear first. Behind-The-Ear (BTE) offers small plug-in which is very comfortable for the ear while the most of the electronics are in the case placed behind the ear. Given this robust design, minimum care will be required to wear this. It comes with rechargeable batteries which will be lasting for you. It also comes with exchangeable colours for for individual to have their own style.

Style is nothing without well known functions of Siemens Hearing Aids Technology. For Siemens Motion, it offers their revolutionary BestSound Technology. This provide an automatic production of clearer and natural sound according to your needs.

It is also gives you the sound from the speaker irregardless which direction it comes from. how does this works? Basically this SpeechFocus has a four-channel adaptive directional microphone system which detects the origin of the speaker continuously. Processing every single source of the sound. Understanding that, it suppress off unwanted sound and does hearing amplifier to produce the correct sound.

Siemens Motion also has a SoundLearning 2.0 capabilities. It learns the user habits of adjusting the hearing aid in different environment. These environment and adjustment is recorded and analyised. After much learning, once it detects the environment, it will automatically adjust the settings. This minimise the trouble for the user to keep adjusting the setting. A very well programmed function of Siemens Hearing Aid.

Siemens Motion BTE has a feedback elimination function (FeedbackStopper). Sometimes, there are negative aspect of the sound and this is amplified as negative feedback. Siemens is able to break this feedback path from the amplifier sound to the microphone again, thus hearing is very efficient.

Siemens Motion ITE

Siemens Motion ITE

Next we discuss about Siemens Motion In-The-Ear (ITE). The name itself states that “In-The-Ear” meaning it can be fitted into the ear. It is much smaller in size as compared with Siemens Motion BTE. Comes with 3 types namely; Completely in the canal (CIC), Half Shell (HS), In the Canal (ITC) and In The Ear (ITE).
Given the small size, it does not compromise on the functions. It also has the same technologies packed in the BTE such as FeedbackStopper, SoundLearning 2.0 and SpeechFocus.

Conclusion for Siemens Motion ITE is that it is not only small and packed with functions, it learned to be automatic and ease of use. Furthermore it has protection for the microphone that avoids perspiration.