Hearing Aid Ratings – Phonak Nios micro

Phonak Nios Hearing Aid is a full solution and technologically advanced pediatric solution for children with mild to moderately-severe hearing loss. It comes with the hearing features of SoundRecover, WhistleBlock Technology, CableFree Fitting and iPFG Junior Fitting Mode. It is also a very stylish hearing aid that has 13 colours to choose from this BTE Hearing Aid.

Phonak Nios Micro

SoundRecover is Phonak exclusive non-linear frequency compression algorithm, enables children with a hearing loss to discover all the subtle, enhencing the input sounds. Tests have shown that SoundRecover improves high frequency discrimination and child’s own voice quality. It also increases awareness of environmental sounds and thereby enhances the overall listening experience.

Real Ear Sound is about Natural sound orientation. The microphones are placed outside the pinna, the natural orientation of the sound cues can be lost. Phonak has this feature called Real Ear Sound, it simulates the performance characteristics of the pinna. The result is to take into consideration of the local environment pinna and program to provide a natural sound perception.

WhistleBlock Technology uses a special feedback identification which is able to diff between naturally occurring feedback-like sounds and a true feedback.There will be a strong feedback cancellation system which resulted in better audibility and sound quality that is free from annoying feedback.

There are some accessories to go with the Phonak Nios. A must have is the iView. This device monitors the current settings of the hearing instruments. Using simple button interface, it shows status like battery, program setting and volume level, thus providing the assurance the user desires. iView can monitor both monaurally- and binaurally-fitted Phonak CORE hearing instruments.

Another good accessory to get is the Inspiro. This is an award-winning Dynamic FM transmitter for use by teachers in both regular schools and schools for the hearing-impaired. It gives numerous industry-leading features, such as ‘Adaptive FM Advantage’ (AFMA) which is an algorithm that greatly improves signal-to-noise ratio, and the ability to use several inspiros in one classroom via Phonak’s MultiTalker Network (MTN).

This model is specially designed to fit into the small ears of the child whose size and lifestyle is different from an adult. Another good yet cheap hearing aid. Phonak Hearing Aids consists of Phonak Ambra, Phonak Solana, Phonak Cassia, Phonak Audeo S, Phonak Cros, Phonak Naida, Phonak Audeo ZIP, Phonak Audeo Smart, Phonak Audeo MINI, Phonak Audeo YES, Phonak Exelia Art and Phonak Versata Art.