Hearing Aid Ratings – Siemens Explorer

Siemens Explorer is designed specially for your loved ones, your child. Children have smaller ears and special hearing requirements compared to adults. As such, the Siemens Explorer is a BTE Hearing Aid that will be robust and good on fitting to the child ear, minimizing the risk for losing the hearing aid. Hearing is important for child, not only for understanding of speech and knowing the environment. It is also important for them to be able to enjoy their childhood like other children around them. To enable the child to interact properly and bond, to enjoy yet having the hearing aid concealed.

Siemens Explorer

Siemens Explorer

Although it is small in size to fit into a child small ear, it has the latest Siemens technology designed for the child. It is important to enable the child hearing capabilities, so they can learn as fast as other children in their peers. Children do not know much about maintaining and taking care of their devices. Therefore Siemens Explorer has specially designed this hearing aid with a special protective layer that will repel dirt and grease. Strong housing is used to protect the powerful electronics inside as well as safe for the child to use. It also has a child lock feature that prevents the child from removing the battery. Battery can be removed easily by the parent with a small screwdriver.

Siemens Explorer has a pediatric earhook made especially for babies and young children. It is easy to mount on but difficult for the children to remove it accidentally or deliberately.

For convenience, MP3 players and other devices can be connected directly to the remote control and no wires are used. This enables wireless connectivity on the move.

For the fashionable kids, they will want colourful things. Siemens has come up with many colours to suit their likings. Over 16 colours to choose from and there are 40 designed stickers to go with. It is changeable and stylish for the children to wear. Other Siemens Hearing Aids can be found here in Siemens Hearing Aids.