Hearing Aids – Phonak Ambra

Phonak Ambra is a high end hearing aid. It has many good functions packed into this device. In fact it is powered by more capable chips that let the users enjoy all these powerful functions.
Phonak Ambra
Below are some of the power capabilities:

QuickSync allows the interaction between two hearing aids just 1 button away. The volume and configurations will be always in-line with each other.

iCom enables the user to do easy connection with third party products like pc, media players, phones and GPS electronics.

PilotOne Remote Control lets the user control the Phonak Ambra from a distance. It shows the energy levels, and changes to the sound level, configuration etc.

Real Ear Sound is able to define the different sound in the complex environment. It processes the mixture of sound and produce sound as natural as possible.

EchoBlock as mentioned in the name; it block away noise signal and gives the user a clean sound.

SoundRelax is like a car suspension. It redefine the large impact sound (when amplified, the user will be hurt), and reduce this impact to a good level for the user.

WhistleBlock is a very good function. It can make a difference from feedback sound and the real sound. Thus you can hear once and correctly.

NoiseBlock Processing identify noise from propelling, compressors, vibration and reduce this irritating sound for the user.

SoundRecover is a smart technology that can process all types of sound and the hearing aid will present the user all the sound without missing information.

UltraZoom gives the user a good understanding where the sound comes from.

StereoZoom is able to zoom into every source of the sound using its 4 microphones and process this for the user.

FlexControl gives the user easy and desired control of the hearing aid.

SoundFlow is a smart program in the hearing aid which learns from the ever changing environment, process this information and produce good sound quality according to this feedback.

AutoZoom Control does an auto finding and zooming onto the voice even if the source is moving.

Phonak Hearing Aids consists of Phonak Ambra, Phonak Solana, Phonak Cassia, Phonak Audeo S, Phonak Cros, Phonak Naida, Phonak Audeo ZIP, Phonak Audeo Smart, Phonak Audeo MINI, Phonak Audeo YES, Phonak Exelia Art and Phonak Versata Art.