Phonak Audéo S

Phonak Audéo S is a great hearing aid series that is based on the previous Audeo series. For this new range, it used the new Phonak “Spice” technology. This “Spice” platform has a faster processing than the older “Core” technology.  The Audeo S is comes in 3 levels of technology and 3 different models. Therefore there is a total of 9 different models to choose from, depending on individual requirements. Three models are Audeo S Smart, Audeo S Mini and Audeo S Yes. For different types of hearing aids, refer to hearing aids types.

Phonak Audéo S Review
The Audeo S 9 is the highest level of technology, the Audeo S 5 is the mid range level and the Audeo S 3 is the lowest level. Each of these levels of technology is available in 3 different models.
Phonak Audeo S SmartThe “Smart” is perhaps the most popular as it has a push button and can be controlled without the use of a remote control. Phonak Audeo S Smart has this exclusive technology that uses the ceramic material. It is used in only Audeo IX and V models only. The material is used in luxury watches and other accessoeries. It is a tough yet light material and it is very scratch resistant. Rendering this material that can last for a long time without much surface damages. In terms of capabilities, it comes in control and connectivity apps. This feature enables the hearing aids to connect with most externals devices like music players and tv. Another feature is the Binaural Directional App. It comprises of the powerful sound identification that can identify sound sources that are important to the user such as the voices. It can zoom into the voices and bring it to the user. Noises will be reduced to help the user listen to the important speech. Next is their Adaptability Intelligence apps group. It is a group of features that helps to improve the quality of the sound. Such features like SoundFlow that can help in the transition whenever you change the surroundings sounds, it will deliver a smooth transition for the user to have a comfortable listening experience. Last but not least, will be Phonak Signature features apps that will have their best features. Some of these are NoiseBlock and WhistleBlock which blocks off unwanted sounds and deliver useful and desirable sound.
Phonak Audeo S MiniThe “Mini” is the smallest and most cosmetic but it has no wireless capabilities. It has the least capabilities among the 3 models. Thanks to the size, i believe that is the reason why it cannot pack everything inside the same hearing aid. It looks perfect small in size and nice looking. Given that it comes in automatic version, it will be a very easy to use hearing aid.
Phonak Audeo S YesThe “Yes” is perhaps the least popular. It is not as small as the Mini but it has no push button but it does have wireless capabilities.  Audeo S Yes is a very well designed model that gives young and fun look. Aesthetically it is a nice looking hearing aid. In terms of functions, it has more to offer than Audeo S Mini.
With so many models and styles to choose from, why not consider a Phonak Audeo S Series? It gives alot of features and freedom of style. Great series to consider from.
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