Hearing Aids Ratings – Phonak Audéo ZIP

Phonak Hearing Aids – Audéo ZIP is a very tiny hearing aid (ITE). The tiny design is able to fit almost invisible in your ear. Due the extremely small size, it goes deep into your ear, rendering invisible. On the other hand, it is also very comfortable and able to fit into the contours of the ear canal, making it comfortable yet fitting. It comes with a series of shapes and sizes for optimal comfort and retention. It is made of hypoallergenic silicone ear pieces and design with enough opening for natural sound ventilation.
Phonak Audéo ZIP
Phonak Hearing Aids has this special technology called SoundRecover. This feature will also provide all the subtle sounds so that you will have a complete sound from the surroundings such the soft wind in the air, the bird singings from afar. Such technology has the ability to process and produce high-frequency sounds that is cannot be heard usually. It allows you to hear every spectrum of the sound in the environment, so you will not miss a single detail in your life.

Another good feature it has is SoundFlow. This technology is designed to meet the tough challenge of the sound environment. As we know, the environment has a lot of different sound. Example in the office, you have sound like the pc fan running, air-con ventilation, colleagues chatting, your boss calling out for you, the pen dropped and hit the floor and even whispering during meetings. When all these sounds come one after another, it is a complex progression of the sound from all spectrum. This creates a new environment every now and then. It is a big mix of challenge to bring in all these sound and bring it out. SoundFlow has the ability and adapt to this and change of every environment thus resulting in a seamless transition of hearing experience.

This Phonak Audéo ZIP is one powerful hearing aid that packed all the goodies into a tiny masterpiece. There are also other features in this hearing aid which was not highlighted in this article. A tiny hearing aid that appears invisible, good for users who are concerned about exposing their hearing aid.

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