Hearing Aids Ratings – Phonak Cassia

Phonak has come out with a entry level hearing aid – Phonak Cassia. For users who wishes to have value for money hearing aids yet a phonak brand. Cassia is the model to go for. It is affordable as well as has the latest technology offered by Phonak. With this package, Phonak supporters and Phonak wanna-be testers can try this model. It has 10 styles and 17 colours to choose from. What are the basic types of hearing aids? It comes in BTE and ITE types of hearing aids. For different types of hearing aids, refer to hearing aids types.

Phonak Cassia Features

One great feature is SoundRecover. SoundRecover means that it can help to recover sound that is important yet not delivered in typical case. Usually high frequency or pitch sound can be difficult to hear especially when amplified. SoundRecover can make this sound audible. Sound like bird chirping and music. This feature totally give the user a total range of sound spectrum to listen without missing much details.

It comes with Phonak Cassia UltraZoom technology. In noisy situations whereby there are many  friends talking around you, UltraZoom automatically zooms to the voices coming from the font and noise from the side and back is eliminated. Using this method, you can focus on the voices you wish to hear. Usually it is the front voices only. Unless you will like to eavesdrop on others by focusing the voices coming from the sides and rear.

Another great Phonak feature that is built in Cassia is WhistleBlock. Whistling sounds in hearing aids are annoying and can be tough on the ear, WhistleBlock technology reduces this feedback and the resultant is a sound that is comfortable for the hearing.

Phonak Cassia Review

Phonak Cassia Art is a good entry hearing aid that has many designs to choose from. If you are interested in other Phonak Hearing Aids, you may go to Phonak Hearings Aids for more information.