Hearing Aids Ratings – Phonak Certena Art

A hearing aid product that looks similar to the Phonak versata art. This model is called Phonak Certéna Art. What is similar to this model is the same type of hearing aids offered, from CIC to BTE types as well as the many different colours offered. For different types of hearing aids, refer to hearing aids types.


This Phonak hearing aid model has a great feature called SoundRecover. This hearing feature is able to recover high frequency sound which not audible, thus making this sound audible. As a result, you will be able to listen to a full range of frequency sound comfortably. I feel that this is good for you, so you will not miss any important details of your life.

Another good listening feature is WhistleBlock technology. With this feature, it helps to block out irritating feedback noise. Resulting in a clear one-way sound delivery. Phonak also has this SoundFlow that is able to adjust the sound according to different environment. Not only that, it also provide a seamless transition of sound when you move to the next environment. This is an intuitive capability that provides a good quality sound. It comes in three different level of standard for this great feature.

Some other features in this Phonak Certena Art are NoiseBlock Processing, QuickSyn and Acoustically Optimized Venting. NoiseBlock Processing provide a high quality hearing comfort experience for the user. The QuickSyn enables the user to control both hearing aid with just a touch of a button. As for acoustically/Optimized Venting, it helps to minimize occlusion.

Phonak Certena Art is a good hearing aid that has many designs to choose from. If you are interested in other Phonak Hearing Aids, you may go to Phonak Hearings Aids for more information.