Hearing Aids Ratings – Phonak Solana

This is a hearing aids rating on Phonak Solana Hearing Aids. This mid range hearing aid model comes in 3 different types of style for hearing aid. The 3 designs are BTE (Behind-the-Ear), micro BTE and ITE (In-The-Ear). Not only it comes in 3 different types, it is also available in 17 colors to choose from. Definitely you will get 1 style and color that you will like. If you like to find out more about types of hearing aids, please go to About Hearing Aids.


Phonak has this technology called the Zoom Technology. Zoom is very useful in a noisy situation whereby there are many people talking all over. It is able to eliminate all the noise from the side and rear, thus only giving the sound from the front. IT also zooms or focuses on the speech in front. As a result you are not confused by the massive number of sounds coming from all directions. You can also control which direction to zoom into. For example if you will to focus the right side, you can control and focus on your right.

There is wireless communication between two hearing aids (left and right hearing aids). They are able to interact with each other and produce a balance sound to the user. The hearing aid wireless connectivity allows connections with third party audio devices like FM devices, TV and telephones. Ease of use with third party devices.

Phonak Solana has it a good hearing feature that allows you to listen comfortable in an ever changing environment called SoundFlow Advanced. Another feature is Windblock and WhistleBlock that will block away the feedback sounds and whistling. The result is a very comfortable sound delivery that is clean without irritating noise.

If you wish to upgrade from an entry hearing aid, this model of Phonak can be a good option. Furthermore, there are 3 types of hearing aids to choose from.

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