Hearing Aids Ratings – Siemens Artis 2

For Mild to Moderate & Ski Slope High Frequency Hearing Losses, Siemens ARTIS 2 offers a unique blend of state-of-the-art performance technologies found in Siemens’ top of the line digital hearing instruments at a more affordable price.

Data Learning
This Siemens hearing aid has a good “listening” technology called DataLearning technology. It has a self learning capabilities like a lifelong process. What it does is that it picks up the volume preferences for each program and based on this data, it adjust and shorten the need to adjust volume. This brings about great ease for hearing aids users.

e2e Wireless
Next is Siemens proprietary e2e wireless. This Siemens technology is a proven hearing technology that was presented with the 2006 Frost & Sullivan Product Differentiation Innovation Award. With this system, it basically work together as a single system which constantly feels the the listening environment and self adjust precisely selected core digital signal processing in both instruments.

Automatic Features
Siemens Artis 2 has several automatic features that brings convenience and ease of use for the hearing loss people. Such as Feedback cancellation, Eliminates annoying whistling, Environmental classification (ie airport environment, speech and noise management).
It also have these features that understand a conversation and directional microphone. It is utmost importance to hear properly in a conversation especially in a noisy situation. How to produce conversation while few sources are around.

Autophone is an easy to use feature that automatically engages a defined phone call to support wearers with simple and natural telephone use. This hearing aid feature can be used with cordless and portable telephones. Other features like eWindScreen (reduction of wind noises and give a natural hearing experience) and Weathering the elements with confidence

In the growing up of children, it is important for them to hear well so as to develop their language. Siemens have dedicated technology to maximise children hearing capabilities.

Where to buy Siemens Hearing Aids and Siemens Hearing Aids Accessories? It is also available in Ebay, Walmart, Amazon and other major stores. Likewise you can visit Siemens authorised sellers in your country.

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