Hearing Aids Ratings – Siemens Intuis

Another Hearing Aids Ratings about Siemens Intuis. This particular Hearing Aid by Siemens is a result of the feedback from the many customers gathered. All the best requested features are packed into this hearing aid. I believe that to pack so many things into this device, Siemens have used the BTE type. For other types of hearing aids, please refer to About Hearing Aids. The key things beside the many requested features are also the comfort in wearing and also the ease of use.

For the ease of use in this hearing aid, it comes with Siemens technology C-Guard wax protection that protects unwanted things from going into the hearing aid. This will help to prolong the hearing aid life. In terms of comfort, Siemens Intuis comes in a small and well designed casing to fit nicely into the ear.

This hearing aid has the high end technology by Siemens which is the feedback cancellation. It has the high end technology that will remove the unwanted noise like whistles. As a result, the sound comes out clean with all the important information such as conversations. It also has directional microphone that will detect speech source and deliver that speech information to the user despite noisy environment.

Siemens Intuis is using advanced coating method called the Siemens Nanocoating. This ensures very good and packed quality coating. Another important requested feature is the capability with telephone. This is also designed into Siemens Intuis too. With this function, it enables the user to automatically answer the phone (provided that the phone is compatible type.

This Hearing Aid contains the most desired features from the consumer. This model will definitely fulfill the needs of the masses. If you wish to have an overall hearing aid, Siemens Intuis will be a good one to start with. Other Siemens Hearing Aids can be found here in Siemens Hearing Aids.