Hearing Aids Ratings – Siemens Nitro

I have a good Hearing Aids Ratings for Siemens Nitro in this article. This Hearing Aid is an excellent hearing aid that has lots of capabilities built inside. It comes in two wearing types that is BTE (Behind-the-Ear) and also tailored type. Siemens’ partners have specialist that will advise you the best hearing aid type that will fit you best. If you like colourful hearing aids with options to change your style regularly, the BTE version will be suitable for you to show it off. What is BTE? There is more information about BTE and other types of About Hearing Aids.


What is so great about this Siemens Nitro Hearing Aids? It has many technologies from Siemens BestSound Technology. One great feature is FeedbackStopper which remove the feedback and whistle sound. This is an important feature as in our life; environment is often a mix of important sound and noise. Noise should not be amplified in the hearing aid and irritate the user. Another great feature is the connectivity capabilities with other devices ie mobile, television, FM devices using Wireless Bluetooth technology. You may link hearing aid with mobile and answer the call without the need to remove your hearing aid or to purchase a mobile handsfree.

Siemens Nitro also two powerful noise removal capabilities that are the Advanced wind sound reduction and advance digital noise reduction. This will further improve the sound quality delivered to the user. It is packed with Siemens’ SoundBalance SP which will identify unimportant sound and process the important sound. It automatically adjusts the volume of such information so that the user is able to note important sound even for vowels. Another great hearing aid feature is SoundLearning. This hearing aid advance feature is able to learn the user preference to different sound environment whenever the user adjusts the volume. It will learn and eventually does the self adjustment for the user, resulting in that the user need to adjust the volume anymore when he change environment.

This is a powerful Siemens Hearing Aid that I will strongly recommend if you want to have one of the best hearing aids. You may go to Siemens Hearing Aids to consider other Siemens models.