Hearing Aids Ratings – Siemens Pure

Hearing Aids Ratings on a Siemens Hearing Aid called the Siemens Pure. This is one of the Siemens tiniest hearing aids under the RIC type (Receiver-In-the-Canal). It also comes in another type CIC (Completely-in-Canal). For other typical types of hearing aids, you may refer to About Hearing Aids.

I will say that this hearing aid is one of the most hidden hearing aids in the market that is pretty invisible viewing from the front. A cool looking hearing aid that is almost invisible yet it is packed with a lot of Siemens technologies inside. Here are some Siemens Pure models to buy online into: Siemens Pure 301 BTE and Siemens Pure 701 BTE.


Talking about small, this small hearing aid is small in size but pack with lots of features and levels. I believe that Siemens has faith in this model and have catered for a full range of users. This model can be used from very little hearing loss to very severe hearing loss users. Anyone can use this model to compare with any other models.

Let’s talk about the technology inside this small hearing aid. It has Siemens SoundLearning capability. This feature is able to study the user using patterns in adjusting the controls based on different sound environment. The SoundLearning capabilities will track this pattern and slowly automatically fine tune it. Therefore after some time, the hearing aid will self adjust to each environment change to the user pattern, resulting that the user does not need to adjust the control anymore. This is an important ease of use function for the user.

Next feature is the FeedbackStopper that will greatly reduce all feedback sound and irritating whistling. Therefore the user is able to hear comfortably. Third important feature to note is SpeechFocus that automatically focus onto a person speech. Even if the person is walking from left to right, the SpeechFocus tracks the sound and deliver all the speech information to you.

A good powerful hearing aid that is concealed and it comes with a slightly high price tag. If you like to look for other Siemens model, do click onto this Siemens Hearing Aids.