Hearing Aids Ratings – Starkey AMP

Starkey AMP shall deserve a good hearing aids ratings about this special and small hearing aid.  This is an incredibly TINY hearing aid. When i say tiny, it is really really very small. It is so small that you cannot see it from outside. Take a look at the photo below, it can be fitted into your ear canal. Such hearing aid is useful when the user is new to hearing aid and is not ready to to wear one.


In this world, there any many people who have hearing problems yet desire to hear like a normal person. Due to the size and high possibility of being seen wearing a hearing aid, people are reluctant to admit having hearing problems and to get a hearing aid for himself. Starkey is able to understand this problem faced by many new comers, and they have invented this tiny hearing aid for them.

It is tiny but it comes in a varieties of size due to the difference in different human ear canal size. This will ensure that the hearing will be able to fit into the canal comfortably and not drop deep into the ear canal.It will say this cool hearing aid is a very special type of hearing aid that is hard to get in this market. Perhaps other brands will be going into this direction before Starkey grabs hold of the tiny hearing aids market.

Despite this tiny hearing aid size, it has the necessary features squeezed inside. It is a digital, 4 channel signal hearing aid, therefore allowing directional hearing capability. It comes with the feedback reduction capabilities that will allows irritating noise to be reduced, so as to provide a comfortable sound to the user. This is a great feature to encourage new users to have faith in new technology hearing aids.

I will say this is one of the best hearing aids to be consider even for old users. For other Starkey Hearing Aids, please go to Starkey Hearing Aids.