Hearing Aids Ratings – Starkey S Series

This is Hearing Aids Ratings on the Starkey S Series. Starkey S series is a breakthrough in their hearing aids. This Series has a top power of 71dB! Powerful indeed!

Hearing Aids Starkey S Series

Starkey S Series has Starkey new advanced technology that is also like the super computers. Why do I say that? Hearing Aids requires computing powers to process the complex sound mixture. Therefore Starkey S Series Hearing Aid has packed a lot of computing juice into this device. They call it the Drive Architecture. With this high power, this hearing aid is able to differentiate noise out of the many sound mixture and remove the noise from there. After removal, the end results is a comfort sound for the user. Because this is a special high end series by Starkey, you will need to approach a specialist shop to get advice and purchase.

For this model, it is available as in the type of RIC (Receiver in canal); there other types of hearing aids for the models. RIC type allows the bulk of the things hidden behind the ear while the small receiver parts are inside the ear canal.

This Hearing Aid has another powerful feature called PureWave Feedback Eliminator. It helps to remove the most annoying noise feedback and comes with a pure soundwave. One of the best feedback filtering system in this hearing aids market.

T Remote allows the user to link with their mobile or phone. Volume control and switching of devices can be done easily with any third party devices.

One great capability about Starkey S Series is Voice iQ. Voice iQ also hearing in a noisy environment to become comfortable. It is able to identify speech voice and bring this voice to you.

Beside electronics technology, the Starkey S Series has their unique Advanced Hydra Shield that protects your hearing aid from external items like water, sweat, corrosion and rust.

This is a great hearing aid model from Starkey. This is a good benchmark to use against other models or brands. If you are looking for other Starkey models, you can go to Starkey Hearing Aids.