Hearing Aids Ratings – Starkey Zon

Another Hearing Aids Ratings on Starkey Hearing Aids. This time, will be the RIC model called the Zon. Being a RIC, most of the size is in the receiver body that is placed behind the ear. It will be easy to wear and remove by hanging and fitting into the ear. It is also not obvious as the front component is pretty small in size. (Found out more about other types of hearing aids here)

Starkey Zon has this great technology – BluWave Technology. It provides an automatically switching instead of switching it yourself; in different environments. This is a great feature that allows you to have ease of use whenever you change your environment. From silent to noisy environment, the Starkey Zon will adjust the sound settings accordingly to give you the best hearing comfort.

Next is how good is the protection in the hearing aid. It is very water resistant. Therefore you can be safe to say that there is room to abuse your hearing aid with water. Zon comes with an Active Feedback Intercept (AFI), which is able to eliminate the irritating hearing discomfort. All the noise like whistling and squealing are removed to give you the best hearing experience.

Zon has the Acoustic Signature which is very good at finding out what kind of hearing environment you are in. It will analyse the information of the hearing aid and do adjustment in the settings by itself. Thus giving you the best setting. It will keep taking in such environmental data and keep adjusting by itself. This is a very adaptable hearing aid.

Starkey Zon also has the Directional Speech Detector. It is able to detect voices from different directions and tells you where it comes from. This is useful in places where there is more than one person talking to you. You will be able to react accurately to the right person. Your friends will not even know that you are using a hearing aid because you are reacting like a normal person.

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