Oticon Hit

Oticon Hit

Oticon Hit is in line with all the high quality products of Oticon. Both high in style and design this product fulfills all the criteria’s required to make a high end product in the market of hearing aids. This device from Oticon comes in two forms

  • Oticon Hit Pro
  • Oticon Hit mini

The Oticon Hit pro is loaded with all high end features that make it one of the most sought after products in the market. The best part about this product is the Bluetooth connectivity which sends data straight to the media device and back. This feature makes it among the best user friendly devices along with the other Oticon Devices. Connect line connections helps effortless transmission between the devices without any hassles of wiring. It also helps increase the overall sound quality that reaches the user.

The fittingly striking Oticon Hit mini is also a version of the Oticon Hit series. This device is ultra small, ultra sleek and ultra stylish with all the famous Oticon technical specifications like connect line and spatial sound. This device is also very comfortable to wear ad carry.

The Oticon with its product Oticon Hit has gain come out with an extensive plan to capture the high quality featured hearing aid market. They provide with great styling and qualities thus are able to woo the customers. The interesting wireless two ear feature has redefined the way data is carried and heard through the hearing aid devices. Below links are the hearing aid ratings on Oticon Hearing Aids consist of the following range of models: Oticon Agil, Oticon Dual, Oticon Acto, Oticon Chili, Oticon Ino, Oticon Hit, Oticon Sumo, Vigo Connect, Epoq, Delta, Tego, Vigo and Go Pro.