Oticon Sumo

Oticon Sumo sound very big and powerful and here is a hearing aid ratings for Sumo. Sum is named and designed to produce good and power sound for the user. In term of size, you will know the size as a BTE hearing aid but it is well designed to be slim and stylist.

Packed with a strong amplifier, you will never get to worry about no hearing your friends talking or struggling to get near and hear properly. It is good enough to go on par with the super hearing aids brands! Below links are the hearing aid ratings on Oticon Hearing Aids consist of the following range of models: Oticon Agil, Oticon Dual, Oticon Acto, Oticon Chili, Oticon Ino, Oticon Hit, Oticon Sumo, Vigo Connect, Epoq, Delta, Tego, Vigo and Go Pro.











Oticon Sumo Capabilities

Oticon Sumo is meant for people with severe hearing loss. That’s why Sumo needs to produce more power to amplify more for the user to hear well. At louder amplification, sound tends to make the noise more obvious and Sumo has designed it with their advanced digital processing capabilities to cancel off the noise before amplification.


Higher amplifications mean more power hungry. Therefore Sumo is design as a BTE to housing a bigger battery. This hearing aid has a battery management system that will ensure that the performance is consistence throughout it’s’ battery life. The usage of the Oticon Sumo is easy, it has both manual volume control and telecoil switch to adjust on the phone.


As a Sumo, it has to be power and tough and this hearing aid model is design to have a tough body that you can be sure this Sumo can endure harsh usage and environment. Lastly this Oticon Sumo is priced affordable compared to the super brands.