Phonak Audeo Smart

Phonak Audeo Smart

Phonak is the leading company in the world when it comes to developing hearing aids. There products have been leading the market in every front be it sophistication or technology. The Phonak Audeo smart is one of the most sophisticated and elegant hearing aids in the market. This device is very sleek and the size is just 2 cm. The Phonak Audeo smart adjusts behind the ear very beautifully and is very comfortable for the user wearing it.

This is the smallest hearing aid from the Phonak which has complete wireless functionality. The equipment is ultra light weight and virtually vanishes behind the ears. Here are some of the best features you will find in the Phonak Audeo Smart:

  • The best feature is known as the auto zoom control. This device automatically tracks down the direction from which the sound is coming. Then it catches the sound from that side and amplifies it. This is done by the side which is towards the sound signal. Now simultaneously the sound after amplification is transferred to the other ear. Thus the sound reaches both the ear at the same time.
  • The device works on the sound depending on the source. This feature is known as flex control. In this the device is intelligent enough to realize the command according to the sound it is given with.
  • The feedback is adjusted so that the device is able to distinguish between the natural feedback and the annoying feedback.

The Phonak Audeo Smart is the best device for those who appreciate high performance and better styling. Phonak Hearing Aids consists of Phonak Ambra, Phonak Solana, Phonak Cassia, Phonak Audeo S, Phonak Cros, Phonak Naida, Phonak Audeo ZIP, Phonak Audeo Smart, Phonak Audeo MINI, Phonak Audeo YES, Phonak Exelia Art and Phonak Versata Art.

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