ReSound Hearing Aids

GN ReSound Hearing Aids is a Danish company and one of the largest manufacturers of hearing aids. They are involved in various ways hearing technology, including research and development of digital hearing aids and leader in hearing aids.

In 2000, bought the parent company, GN Store Nord Beltone Electronics Corp., which makes the GN ReSound is the hearing aid and the second largest manufacturer in the hearing world. GN ReSound has acquired the retail sector, including transistor AB (Sweden), daughter (Australia), Lower and Upper (Spain) and Dana Japan (Japan), and the United States bought the ICS manufacturer of medical equipment .

GN Resound Hearing Aids has different types of hearing aids such as; in the ear (ITE), in-canal (ITC), completely in-canal (CIC) and behind the ear (BTE) hearing aids in various product lines, including: ReSoundAIR, Canta and NewTone.

GN Resound Canta products offers a complete range of digital hearing aids. Help Canta4 BTE such cancellation technology provides information and features two directional microphones for better take the user to understand speech in noisy environments.

GN ReSound uses ReSound ComforTec technology, among other things, removes feedback and it also has the power to reduce noise and minimize the occlusion by the exhaust air. These features are critical in producing the right sound to the user. Imagine if you are in the environment of feedbacks and noise, life will be pretty painful.