Rexton Cobalt

Rexton Cobalt Hearing Aid

Here is a hearing aid ratings on a Rexton Hearing Aids which is a RIC type. Rexton Cobalt is a high end model from Rexton hearing aids. Using the RIC type, it placed most of its technology behind the ear. This is a method that most hearing aids makers design to build in all the high tech electronics and yet it is conceal. Rexton also use the same approach in this case.

Rexton Cobalt has a small variety of color to choose from; with a total of eight colors for this model. Compared to some brands, there are more colours to choose from. Cobalt has a very long list of high tech technologies such as Focus 360°, Automatic Multi-Channel, Adaptive Directional Microphone, Automatic Noise Reduction, Sound Locator, Feedback Preventer, Sound Radiance, SoundSmoothing®, Automatic Environment Management, Blu Link, Green & Easy, Wireless Assistant and lastly Advanced Nano Coating.


Blu Link is a real Bluetooth connectivity to any of your Bluetooth wireless mobile and other similar devices.  Remote Control capabilities let you have a secondary control to be placed in your pocket or purse. This enables you to do hearing settings changes without the need to touch the Cobalt behind your ear.


Sound Locator can save you from the embarrassment from identifying the wrong direction where the person is calling for you. It shows you where the sound comes from, be it behind or on the side. This is enhanced with Focus 360 which gives you the sound information from all over you. Thus you will not lose any environment sound details.


Automatic Noise Reduction and Feedback Preventer helps to remove unwanted noises that will affect the quality of the sound amplified. With the added functions of Automatic Environment Management and Sound Radiance, the sound is processed to produce good quality and adjustment to the ever changing environment.


Rexton will be a good alternative to the top brands: Beltone, Siemens, Starkey and Phonak Hearing Aids. Not anyone can easy afford a hearing aid; therefore it is good that Rexton is taking part in AHAP to help the needy.