Rexton Insite

Rexton Hearing Aids – Rexton Insite is a high end hearing aid from Rexton. It provides the best of all its technology for this purpose of giving you great listing experience, wireless connectivity and other ease of use functions. It comes in different designs and also colors to suit your different lifestyle and usage requirement.

Hearing aids ratings on this Rexton Insite has incorporated a list of functions into this hearing aid. Namely; Focus 360°, Blu RCU, Wireless Technology, Wireless Assistant, Feedback Preventer, Sound Radiance, Sound Locator, SoundSmoothing, Multi-Channel Adaptive Directional Microphone, Adaptive Feedback Cancellation System, Automatic Environment Management and Rechargeability.

Focus 360 as mention in the name, allow listen not only just in front of you, but also to the people talking behind you. This is great for people who work in a dangerous environment where the danger can come from any direction.

Feedback Preventer will help to remove all the disturbing feedback sound that is always unwanted by the use. A good function to have from Rexton.

Sound Radiance is a good feature for users who like to appreciate the great music sounds. This function allows a wider spectrum of sound like high frequency sound. Music sounds will consist of a wide spectrum; from low to high frequency and to enjoy the music, it is important to be able to listen to the full spectrum of sound. SoundSmoothing is another special capability from Rexton that is able to reduce the sudden change in sound like loud impact or explosion. Such sound that comes so suddenly and loud, if it is untreated, the user will have a horrible amplified sound that will blast off his ear drum. A great function to have in this Insite.

Rexton Insite is a good hearing aid and should be consider in your shopping list. It is an affordable hearing aid and has lots of great functions inside it.