Siemens Lotus

Siemens Lotus Hearing Aid

Scientific and technological progress has brought mankind into a digital age. For decades, digital technology has been from the scientist’s laboratory to the ordinary people’s life in every corner. Hearing aids are no exception to join the digital trend, from the first digital hearing aid line appears so far advanced and complex functions. Siemens Lotus Hearing aids only amplify sound, but also sound clearer. Its design and production costs are extremely high, all digital circuit technology is often used only for high end hearing aids. So for finding the right instruments for your hearing needs are easy with the Siemens Lotus family. From the smallest Complete-In-the-Canal(CIC) hearing aids to the super power BTE models. Lotus delivers all the performance you require. Lotus instruments come in programmable and trimmer operated versions.


The features of the Siemens Lotus Hearing Aid are enlisted below:

  • Affordable

  • Reliable

  • Easy to use

  • Superior sound quality

  • Durable

  • Programmable trimmer operated

Lotus hearing aids give high output and a gain of 138/80 decibels – suitable for severe to profound hearing loss. Almost invisible in the ear and with more power than even before. Attractive directional behind the ear instruments include power and superpower solutions hearing in detail with advanced technology. Noise reduction to stop you from hearing the microphone working in the quiet environments. It also includes the Telephone coil program for listening to the telephone. The appearance for the majority of the hearing aids is located in the digital base-level. The pursuit of low prices and excellent product performance of ordinary working class and the elderly, lotus series is undoubtedly the best option. It is 100% digital signal processing chip. Microphone noise abatement, excellent feedback elimination system, low distortion low noise digit acoustic fidelity output. New robust design with reinforcement moisture proof outward appearance. Rocker volume control, three trimmers with buttons for control functions. It is best suited for people with profound hearing loss. Designers specifically for the structure of the optimal design using traditional hearing aids with different touch volume system. Solution to a common behind the ear type hearing aid defense moisture and sweat problem. Increase the stability and reliability of the hearing aids to extend the life of hearing aids. So users don’t always specialized the maintenance machines instead the prefer the routine maintenance machines with no worries.

As the Siemens is one of the biggest manufacturing companies of the hearing aid it is reliable to buy their products. According to the reviews I can say that many people are using this brand and are very affordable, easy to use and provide good output quality of the sound. Because of the designers innovative and distinctive thinking made good changes in the structure and made it very comfortable for any age of the people. Siemens Lotus hearing aid brings so many advantages to the digital technology but its adjustment is simple and quick and easy to determine their hearing status. So I prefer to use this product because of its nice features.