Starkey Hearing Aids

Today in Hearing Aids Ratings, i will talk about another leader in the Hearing Aids Industry. Starkey Hearing Aids being one of the leaders, it has a long history from 1967 in Minnesota. Starkey does the engineering from designing, producing and selling of their own hearing aid. Globally they have about twenty two facilities to cater to the masses.

Starkey provides a full range of hearing aids from ITC, CIC, ITE to BTE. Basically these are abbreviations for common hearing aids terms. To find out more you can look into About Hearing Aids.

Not only Starkey has different types, they have a wide variety of design in terms of appearance as well as the technologies gathered from old years of experience. They have Starkey Wi Series, Starkey S Series, Starkey SoundLens, Starkey AMP, Starkey Zon and Starkey Destiny.

One of the latest technologies is their Wi Series wireless hearing aids. What it does is the ability to minimise noise such as high pitch sound like whistling. Whistling when amplified by the hearing aid, can be too loud and painful for the user. Although it reduces the irritating sound, it does not reduce the other important sound for the user. It is able to deliver important speech information in a bad sound environment. This is very important for the user because if all the sounds including speech, bell ring, announcement, whistling and buzz are delivered to the user, it will be very irritating for the user. Therefore it is critical for the hearing aid to identify the right sound to be delivered to the user.

Another great product of Starkey Hearing Aid is the Starkey SoundLens. It is a customised made IIC. What is IIC? It means Invisible in the canal. Starkey is able to pack the necessary technology into this hearing aid. It is small enough that you can squeeze in deep into the ear that it becomes also invisible. Despite so small, it has the important technology that does similar noise minimising yet delivering important speech – called Voice iQ.

If you are considering the top notch brands, the following brands are the best hearing aids: Phonak Hearing Aids, Beltone Hearing Aids, Siemens Hearing Aids and of course Starkey Hearing Aids.