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Hearing Aids Ratings – Starkey Wi Series

This is another top notch Hearing Aids Ratings for the Starkey brand that is the Starkey Wi Series. Why I say that this is top notch hearing aid? Starkey has claimed to pack in all the Starkey best of technology into this hearing aid. The Wi Series has only the Receiver-In-Canal type. It is designed for slight to moderate hearing problem users. They have also the RIC AP (Absolute Power) for moderate to severe hearing problem. Good thing about this RIC type is to hidden the main body behind the ear while putting a small body into the ear. (If you are interested in other types, go to types of hearing aids)


Starkey Wi Series has the IRIS Technology that is their latest wireless integrated circuit platform that can connect to most wireless device like TV, radio. Wi Series can almost remove all the feedback noise caused by whistling, leaves brushing etc. Such noise is not desired and can be removed by Starkey technology. Beside feedback removal, it has this Voice iQ that is specially designed to allow user to constantly have a good conversation with comfort and ease of listening. To bring listening to the next level, comfortable listening can be achieved in any kind of situation. In markets, schools, concert, you will have not problem listening to your friends. Starkey Wi Series is program to continuous understand the environment and choose the right programming mode that suits best. The result is a perfect listening pleasure in any place at any time.

There is a automatic adjust for telephone mode too. It will automatically detect telephone situation and change to telephone mode. This ensures optimal listening in the phone for the user while eliminating the feedback. This Wi Series has Starkey Advanced HydraShield that give 100% protection against water, rust and humidity for the expensive hearing aid.

Starkey Wi Series is a great hearing aid that offers the best technology by Starkey. For one who does not allow anything lesser, this model will be the one for you. If you might be considering other models of Starkey, you can go to Starkey Hearing Aids.

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