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Rexton Day

Rexton Day

Hearing Aid Ratings on Rexton Day; this is an economical hearing aid from Rexton Hearing Aids. Economical does not means that it is no good. In summary, this is a decent quality, easy to maintain and affordable hearing aid. It comes in 4 different models and 2 levels of power. It comes in CIC and BTE as well as BTE hearing aid types. This Rexton hearing aid range of models give you the flexibility of choosing the style of hearing aid that you wants.

What can you find in a Rexton Day? They have the Feedback Prevent that can eliminate irritating Feedbacks sound. Addition to that, Rexton Day hearing aid has Noise Reduction capability studies the continuous background sound and removes the irritating noise while preserving the useful sounds to the users.

It comes with Automatic/ Adaptive Directional Microphone is able to identify where the sound comes from and provide this information to the user using the multiple speakers in the hearing aid. Wireless is an important features that is part of Rexton Hearing Aid Features. It enables the user to connect with the various wireless devices and let you use it with ease via the devices.


Rexton Day Options

Rexton Day has options for you to choose from; like the charging unit helps you charge your hearing aid while you sleep during the night. Beside the rechargeable batteries, you can also use the standard batteries too. The charging unit has this drying feature that can remove the moisture to let your hearing aid last much longer.

Another optional item is the remote control that enables you to on and off the hearing aids, do changes in programs and also adjust the volume wireless without anyone realizing it. A great tools to avoid letting people know you are wearing a hearing aid or to be bother with adjusting the hearing aids.

Simple but great hearing aid from Rexton Hearing Aids.

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