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Dot² by ReSound

Dot² by ReSound Hearing Aids

The Dot² by ReSound or called ReSound Dot2 Hearing Aids are high quality hearing aids which provides the wearer with great quality sound along with highly blended hearing experience. The hearing aid ratings feels that Dot2 offers high quality surround sound experience and offers enhanced ability o locate sounds irrespective of the background noise.

ReSound Dot2 Features

Here are the features that make the device extremely prominent among the hearing aids available in the market. It offers three power levels depending on the need of the user. It could be set to quiet, moderate and even demanding levels. Therefore it is able to find users who have different level of hearing loss. Able to cater to different hearing loss levels from mild, normal and severe, this hearing aid can means a long time devices depending on how your hearing loss requirements progresses.

This hearing aid model also offers wind noise reduction which cuts out the interference caused by the winds. When you are outdoor, definitely there are wind all over the place. The wind can come from different directions and different strength. With the wind blasting and whistling by your ears, this can be really irritating for yourself if your hearing aid cannot cancel off this wind sound problem.

The battery size is 10ma and it sustains to about a 110 hours which is very long and by estimation of 4.5 days. That is pretty long and you will not have the trouble to keep charging your hearing aids every half or one day. The sound is natural and clear as it contains 17 band wrap and 9 handles. The wrapping system makes the sound very close to natural and helps to understand speech.

Speech recognization which the help of directional hearing is also available. The directional beam width can be set to ay option that of wide, medium, narrow or even Autospace. It is also loaded with DFS control wit integrated whistle control which cuts out the whistling sound generated by overworked hearing aids.

It comes in a variety of options o choose from the Dot² by ReSound comes in 15 different colors. Thus it gives you ample options to choose from! It comes with Echostop which helps eliminate unwanted echo and it is also loaded with Onboard Analyzer which ascertains and feeds your hearing aid requirements and shapes the device to give you unmatched performance.

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