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Hearing Aid Ratings in Consideration

Hearing Aid Ratings in Consideration

Hearing Aid Ratings or Hearing Aid Reviews; are ways to look into when you are selecting a hearing aid for yourself. Different people will have different requirements for a hearing aid. There are many hearing aid brands, hearing aid types and hearing aid features. Therefore it is important to do a good hearing aid comparison before heading for your hearing aid.

You may wish to find out some hearing aid basics in this link About Hearing Aids. In About Hearing Aids, you will have a basic understanding on hearing aids and what to look for your hearing aid selections. Below I have made a detailed list of factors to consider in hearing aid ratings.


1. Hearing Aid Price – Getting a hearing aid cost from a cheap hearing aid hundred plus dollars to an expensive hearing aid of few thousands dollars. It depends on you available budget for your hearing aid and whether if you wish to invest a lot on a hearing aid. Buying a hearing aid is like paying for the features and also for the brand.

You might be new to hearing aids and do not wish to spend few thousands on a powerful and expensive branded hearing aids. So just look for a simple hearing aid. Every single dollar that you paid for is accountable for its brand, technology and style.


2. Hearing Aid Types – There are many hearing aid types. I have classified them as 3 major types; namely the BTE hearing aids, ITE hearing aids and IIC hearing aids.

BTE is known as Behind-the-ear. BTE has two portion of the hearing aid, one hard plastic case worn behind the ear and another soft earmold that fits inside the outer ear. The hard plastic body is the larger part will contains most of the electronics parts and also receive the sound. The electronics will digitalize the sound into digital signals to do analysis and conversion. Then it will amplify the sound to the earmold that will be place in the ear for the user to hear.

BTE are big in size and more visible compared to the latter two types of hearing aids. Usually BTE are much cheaper due to the old technologies that are bigger electronics or it is more powerful that requires powerful electronics and this will be catered for people with extreme hearing problems.

ITE is known as In-the-Ear. Like what it is named, ITE hearing aids can be placed onto the outer ear. ITE hearing aids cannot house as many electronics as compared to a BTE, therefore in terms of the capabilities; it is more suited for mid range hearing loss. There is only one portion of the hearing aid and all the electronics are housing in this body. This type does the receiving, processing and output of the sound to the ear.  This hearing aid is less visible than the Behind-the-ear type.

As it is inside the outer ear, it is convenient especially talking over a phone. However this type may not be suitable for kids as their ears will grow and the shape will change. As such, the ITE will not fit well into the outer ear.

IIC is the Invisible-in-Canal aid. IIC is the smallest and is hardly visible to be seen. Due to the same size, this hearing aid type is good for people who are concern about showing the hearing aid and like to hide hearing aid. However due to the size of the tiny hearing aid, it cannot house much electronics and is can only cater for mild hearing loss only.

This is due to the limited size and power that it can produce. Also because of the size, there is no much space for bigger batteries and complex components. On the other end, canal aid is the most esthetics among the rest.


3. Hearing Aid Features – Different hearing aid companies will have their own patented technologies and ways to make the hearing aid as good as possible and to sell more values. The typical features that a hearing aid has to offer are wireless connectivity, hearing direction detections, removal of unwanted sounds or noise, production of full spectrum of sound type and sound frequency and artificial intelligence for ease of use.

In each different hearing aid feature, different company will vary these features and level of technology advanced for different models. There is no one solution for all customers, therefore many models with different hearing aids functions has been combined for different customers’ needs.


4. Hearing Aid Customer Reviews – There are so many hearing aids available in the market, so how can you decide which hearing aid is good. Every hearing aid company will say that their hearing aids are the best for you. There are two ways that you can do to find out before spending few hundreds or few thousands bucks on a hearing aid.

Look for an audiologist in a audiology clinic who can advise you on your level of hearing loss. In the audiology clinic, the audiologist will have the right testing tools to evaluate your hearing level. Depending on your intensity of your hearing aid problem, you will know how power a hearing aid you will need to buy. If you hearing problem is not serious, you may opt for a small hearing aid like a IIC or ITE type.

Based on your lifestyle, an audiologist can advise how tough a hearing aid is required for your rough working environment or if you worked in noise environment, a more powerful hearing aid will be need.

Next is to read up on hearing aid ratings on the desired range of hearing aids. The customers are the real users and having to use the hearing aid, they are able to feedback correctly about the hearing aid models that they have tried.


5. Hearing Aid Accessories – You might be concerned with the accessories available for your hearing aid. There are some hearing aids accessories that might be useful for you and that can be considered when you wish to get one hearing aid. Accessories like the remote controller, rechargeable unit, and wireless Bluetooth and telephone adapters. These might be useful to your daily life.


6. Hearing Aid Services – This may be an important thing to consider because buying a hearing aid is not a one off time. You will be using the hearing aid for a couple of years before moving onto another hearing aid. You may consider a good hearing aid company that will provide a complete after sales service. The hearing aid warranty may cover one year or two years warranty and replacement of parts too. You will not wish to buy a few thousand hearing aids and find out that after one year, it cannot be covered for repairs and this hearing aid is spoiled and will be render useless.


7. Hearing Aid Companies –Hearing Aids Quality is an important reason for some hearing aid companies to be consider as the top 4 brands in the world; Siemens Hearing Aids, Starkey Hearing Aids, Phonak Hearing Aids and Beltone Hearing Aids.

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