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Oticon Intiga

For the sake of better enjoyment in hearing, the Oticon Intiga hearing aid isn’t only an instrument; it is a tiny device, mostly invisible, feeling you proud and also helps to get rid of the fear to bear it.Provide immediate acceptance and immediate benefits, Oticon Intiga hearing aids make the transition to put the tools – especially for newcomers – an experience seamless and positive.
All about Oticon intiga hearing aid was adapted to maximize pleasure and minimize the time and effort needed to adapt to the world of amplified sound.
Cosmetics thin and fully automated audio processing make the Oticon Intiga almost invisible to you and everyone else! As is well behind the ear, and almost invisible thread of the receiver, and biotechnologically designed to ensure a suitable speaker and convenience stores throughout the day. Hearing Aid surface is smooth and intact, without a button to attract attention.

The Sound Quality

Oticon Intiga belongs the advanced wireless binaural processing, which holds as the brain has to do with noise. It ‘a matter of sound easily recognizable and easy to follow conversations – as well as face-to-face or telephone.
NEW Oticon intiga have the following characteristics:

Speech Guard

Guard discourse seeks to preserve voice signals and reduces background noise. The result is a more natural noticeable reception of speech and other sounds.

Spatial Sound

Oticon intiga hearing aids are using a combination of latest technology to protect the delicate arrangements of hearing of the original audio signal – Surround Sound. Extended bandwidth captures of the high-frequency details, binaural wireless technology, which supports the work of natural group of both ears, well-air holed RITE headset allows a mixture of natural and amplified sound.

Artificial Intelligence

The intelligent decision is made for applying the right combination of signal processing technologies, which can provide the best signal for you.

New and improved speaker system

The new speaker system provides Intiga to act like a comfort and worthy device.
Wireless connection and Built-in Bluetooth capabilities let Oticon Intiga connect wirelessly to mobile phones becomes an almost hands-free headset. With the addition of Connect Line system, the audio from the phone and TV streaming helps you to hear the best.
Intiga is the world’s smallest completely wireless hearing. The product development team was able to maintain Intiga size to  discrete and  mechanical components for precise positioning and feeding small, highly efficient RISE 2 platform with a battery 10A, the smallest commercially available.

By getting the internationally recognized iF product design award 2012, it has become create a great attraction in today’s world .Be a user or a newcomer you must have to feel the comfort same as it was in your younger days.

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