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Hearing Aids Ratings – Starkey SoundLens

Another great Hearing Aids Ratings on Starkey hearing aids РStarkey SoundLens. This is another super tiny hearing aid from Starkey that is so tiny that it can go into the ear canal without leaving anything to be seen.  Such a great design hearing aid caters not only for people who are new to hearing aid, but also for people who are always concern about their appearance and to wear it without being noticed.


This is considered as an IIC (invisible-in-the-canal) hearing aid. A challenging design that is able to pack some of the high technologies with the electronics into this tiny body. Other types of hearing aids can be found here.

Starkey SoundLens may be small, but it has some of the great Starkey technologies such as the Voice iQ. This Voice iQ is Starkey most updated noise elimination features and also speech delivering system. A great hearing aid that can deliver the right sound to the user while removing the noise from the background. This capability ensures ease of listening for the user effortlessly. Starkey SoundLens has this PureWave Feedback Eliminator that eliminates buzzing and whistling. This sound can be irritating to the user. Lastly there is the T remote feature. This allows the user to do adjustment to the memory or volume setting using any touch-tone phone. So many important features packed into this small hearing aid, a great hearing aid not to be ignored.

This is definitely a great hearing aid for users who wants the hearing aids to be invisible yet powerful enough to deliver the right sound to the user. For more Starkey information, go to Starkey Hearing Aids.

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