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Beltone Reach

Beltone Reach

The correct hearing aid gives a sense of self belief and confidence. Thus getting the correct hearing aid for you is very important. Being completely comfortable with the aid and also getting the perfect fit for you are some of the major concerns when you go to buy a hearing aid for you!

The Beltone reach is very user friendly and thus it is very comfortable to put in and use. With that it gives you the liability to choose from 17 different colors which ensure that you land on your favorite set.


Hearing Aid Features in Beltone Reach

Betlone Reach comes in variants like RIC which is Receiver in ear- it is completely invisible and the receiver is placed inside the ear. BTE which is The behind the ear, this variant is bigger but it is very comfortable to carry. Customized type means that the custom made in ear is the best option as it ensures great power and also comfort as this is custom made for you!

Other than this here are some of the features of the Beltone reach that might fantasize you. It adjusts the amplification level by itself so you have less effort and trouble doing this part of the hearing. There is also the curvilinearity which ensures that there is compression for wide range of sounds.

One great fascinating feature from this good hearing aid is their 17 channels which ensure that you have uninterrupted clear and natural sound. The smart hearing aid has this feature called the smart beam and the smart beam steering which helps incorporate much more signals so that you don’t miss any important sound of your life.

Last but not least, another highlight feature from Beltone Reach is the ability to do speech pattern detection along with wind noise suppression. This feature ensures error free noise so that you just hear the relevant sound. Without the whistling sound of the noisy wind, you will be able to listen much better when you are in the outdoors. With so many variants to choose from, this is a good hearing aid to buy.

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