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Siemens Aquaris Hearing Aids

Water, dust or shock can’t stop you with the new Siemens Aquaris Hearing Aid. The first fully waterproof Siemens hearing aids from Siemens. Siemens Aquaris is built tough, designed to impress and engineered to perfection. Discover how you can enjoy every decibel of life without any limits. The pool, the shower, the pouring rain, Siemens Aquaris goes where no other hearing aid dares to and comes out completely unharmed. It is constructed from one solid piece, watertight microphone membrane and a waterproof battery compartment, the Aquaris can be submerged into water up to 3 feet for 30 minutes.

Siemens Aquaris hearing aid offers exceptional protection against the sweat, dirt and dust. Siemens took this hearing aid further by offering additional accessories and programming options that allows its wearers to listen music streamed through their hearing aids while they swim. The durability makes them great options for the active adults and the children’s.


  • Waterproof
  • Keep the conversation flowing
  • Sweat and dust resistant
  • Shockproof
  • Feedback Stopper
  • Speech Focus
  • Sound Learning 2.0
  • Sound Brilliance

In Structure the outside case of the hearing aid follows the same concept as a bottle that can be sealed shut. The battery door is the only opening and has a silicon seal with the membrane on the battery door that lets oxygen in and keeps water out so it can be used with standard zinc batteries. The microphone functions the same way as the ear drum with a protective membrane to prevent any damage. A nano-coated drill inside the screw cap helps protect the receiver. An ergonomic shape and non-slip textured surface prevents the behind the ear hearing aid from slipping. An optional accessory sport clip can secure the hearing aid during the intense movement and high impact activities. The Aquaris is a deal for those who live or work in humid or dusty environments or anyone who takes-part in sweat inducing physical intense activities. The Aquaris with custom made soft ear mold for swimming can withstand 30 minutes in water one meter deep and 8 hours in a dust chamber. The sealed instrument efficiently repels dust, perspiration and dirt with a scratchproof nonslip soft rubber and moisture resistant rubber. The Aquaris quickly detects isolates and eliminates whistling before it even starts whistling with feedback stopper. Through Sound learning 2.0 the Aquaris learns and automatically adjusts to your hearing preferences, regardless of your environment.

As the Siemens products are more reliable than others you can trust on it blindly. They provide good service to the best of their ability. The features recommended are always present in the product. The Siemens product is easy to use comfortable to all type of the wearers and is very effective and efficient in proving their features are right not only on paper but also in the real life while using the product. Siemens Aquaris Hearing Aid gave a real turning point to the world of digital technology. They are famous and used worldwide because of their easily adjusted and is simple to use.

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