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Hearing Aids Ratings – Starkey Destiny Series

Today, we will have a Starkey Destiny Hearing Aids Ratings. Starkey Destiny Series is a BTE Hearing Aid. As compared to Starkey Amp hearing aid which is very tiny, this Starkey Destiny which is a BTE, will be a giant beside the Starkey Amp. As explained in the Hearing Aids Types, BTE is generally the largest but it has the space to pack all the goodies inside. Typically BTE are much cheaper than other special small types of hearing aids and it is also easy to wear with ease.


What hearing aid function does this powerful hearing aid has? Destiny Hearing Aids is able to perform in the different surroundings. This is Starkey Hearing Aid patented feature called BluWave Signal Processing. This hearing aid feature is has very powerful computing capabilities with complex software inside. It can process massive amount of environment data in the complex sound surrounding. First of all, it will remove the unwanted feedback, after which it will identify every sound data and maximize the desired sound for the user. The resultant of the Starkey Best Technology is the user to hear the most desired sound and removing the unwanted sound in a comfortable way.

Next feature that you buy hearing aid is the Active Feedback Intercept (AFI). AFI can remove unwanted sounds like whistling and squealing. This kind of hearing can be painful for the user. Starkey Destiny Hearing Aid can help user find the source of the speech. They called it the Directional Speech Detector (DSD). Hearing Loss in direction will be solved. Where to find the hearing sound direction? This feature is able to track the source of the sound continuously and bring it to you, telling you where the sound comes from. A good hearing aid function that helps the user especially in a situation where there are multiple speakers.

Automatic Telephone Response is a good hearing aid telephone tool. The telephone in combination with the hearing aid can be disastrous for a lot of feedback sound. This hearing aid function will recognize this situation and automatically switch to telephone and optimal the hearing. You need not do any adjustment to the hearing aid and do not need to remove the hearing aid.

Other functions of the Starkey Destiny include voice indicators to warn you of situation like low battery or low memory. It also can do self diagnostic check on the hearing aid too. If you are looking for other Starkey models, you can go to Starkey Hearing Aids.

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