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Widex Clear

Widex Clear

The Widex clear is the wireless hearing aid from the Widex Company. It uses wireless communication between both the ears to produce a more realistic as well as quality sound. Here are some of the amazing features of the Widex clear:

  • It has an external transmitter which sends TV signal directly into the hearing aids. Thus it becomes easier to pick up different sound.
  • Widex clear is the most user friendly product from Widex. It has a remote which helps to operate it. The remote is competent enough to switch the programs, control the volume and several other features of the hearing aid.
  • It also has a Bluetooth compatible headset which transmits signal directly to the hearing aid from your cell phone. Thus it makes the person independent.
  • The C-ISP platform helps attain the best synchronization in sound. The signal processing needs to be the best in a hearing aid so as to produce best possible duplicate sound. The Widex clear does exactly that.
  • The free focus feature helps you focus sound in the front, back or in any direction.

The Widex clear gives unmatched sound and performance. It surely is a new age hearing device. The three accessories it comes with define the product. The best part about his product is that it meets the challenge of hearing from two different directions. Thus it helps make it easier the hearing experience be it from TV, mobile phones or music. The Widex Clear comes with a wide range of features which gives an incredible sound experience to the user.


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