Tinnitus refers to a sensation in the ear that can be heard when everything else is silent. This is a very common problem but the intensity of the problem might vary from very less to excessive. Most of the people even are not aware that they have such a type of problem while some others are even not able to sleep because of the continuous ringing in the ear. This can be very irritating to a person if this is happening for a long period of time. A normal person, when encountering this problem, will start to feel very weird and might even start to get crazy about it. Sound just come from unknown location and the sound keep following you.

Studies have shown that in USA 12 million people are suffering from tinnitus among which 2 million have very serious and acute problem. Tinnitus does not actually fall under the category of disease instead it is a ringing or whistling sensation inside the ear. The tinnitus is of two types:

  • Subjective tinnitus is the type of tinnitus which only the person suffering can hear. It might be cause due to aging or even loud music. It is the most common type of problem.
  • Objective tinnitus is referred to the type of tinnitus in which even the doctor can hear the sound. It is definitely much rarer than subjective tinnitus.

The worst part is there is no medical science that has been able to completely solve the problem. However there are some ways which are proven to be beneficial in such situations. Several natural cures are known to diminish the ringing in your ear. Taking lesser salt and caffeine helps. One needs to quit smoking if he is looking to get rid of tinnitus. Lifestyle changes are also good option. Relaxation and deep breathing is must and they also keep you healthy and away from problems like tinnitus.

This type of problem is very uncommon for a person who has lived a long time and suddenly there is such a weird change in their lives. It is also hard for the person to relate this sound to his friends. No one can hear this sound except for himself. Hope that you are reading this if you have problem and not get very worried.